Mediterranean Menu



Omelette, toasty, cereal, cake vanila, cake orange, jams, turkey, cheese, ham, tomatoes, bacon grill, scrambled eggs, croissants, fresh orange, coffee, tea, milk.




Salad: Cool fresh green salad with greek white soft cheese (anthotiro) and black sesame

fresh salad from spinach, endive, rocket, greens (glistrida), curly salad, spearmint and (anthotiro) came from black sesame accompanied with dressing mustard and white wine


Appetizer: Napoleon of vegetables with chaloymi cheese

fresh vegetables colourful peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, pleourotous mushrooms marinade and cooked in the grill, chaloymi cheese in the grill, napoleon set up came with sauce vegetables with a small sense pesto sauce.


Main Course: Risotto sea food with fresh tomato

risotto with fresh sea food (mussels, scallops, gialisteres & prawns), with fresh tomatoes garlic chives and white wine.


Desert: lemon tart




Salad: tomato mozzarella

fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, olives, caper , basil, origano, olive oil, fresh pepper & sea salt


Appetizer: zucchini boiled with flaces parmezan

fresh zucchini boiled marinade with garlic, spearmint, salt , pepper, white vinegar & olive oil with flaces parmezan & glaze balsamic


Main course: filet of grill with mashed potatoes

fresh beef filet cooked in the grill with complex butter flavor accompanied with mash sweet potatoes, potato, fresh thyme, spearmint, parsley & greek soft cheese (anthotyro)


Desert : Panna cotta (served with fruit sauce of your choise).



Greek Menu



Cereal, toasty, cake, turkey, ham, boiled sausages, cheese, olives, omelette, boiled eggs, honey, jam, nutella, butter, coffee, fresh orange juice, milk




Salad: Greek salad


fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions, capers, olives, peppers, ntacos, greek feta cheese , olive oil, origano salt & pepper.


Appetizer: Tzatziki

yoghurt , cucumber, garlic, olive oil.


Appetizer: Saganaki

fried greek cheese


Main Course: Moysakas

Greek traditional moysakas with potatoes, aubergines, zucchini , fresh beef mincemeat and sauce of fresh tomatoes & besamel.


Dessert: galaktompoureko




Salad: potatoes salad

boiled baby potatoes with onion dry and fresh rocket & dressing vinegar oil


Appetizer: pastry lava

pastry fava with onion rings, grated salt and pepper grains and olive oil.


Main Course: fresh sea bass fish on grill with steam vegetables

fresh sea bass fish on grill with fresh thyme and garlic accompanied with vegetables of steam (cauliflower, baby carrots, zucchini ) and sauce lemon oil grated salt & fresh black pepper .


Desert : Greek yoghurt with honey & walnuts.